WMTC’s Mission

WMTC was founded as a Christian work and remains that to this day. This is the purpose of WMTC Mountain Gospel radio.

Not all of the programs were specifically Christian; but whatever programs would be on the air, Dr. Fisher said that the emphasis was to keep the station Christian- to “show people their need for Christ and need to be sanctified.”

WMTC radio has blessed the lives of people in many ways. “Sometimes you don’t see what happens,” said Dr. Fisher, “but one thing that I have seen was that before there was a station, I would do three week revivals to prepare people.” Dr. Fisher said that long revivals would prepare hearts because people did not know much about holiness, and now the radio station with its Christian programs helped in teaching people. Dr. Fisher noted that WMTC prepared people for the message of holiness. The Christian emphasis of Mountain Gospel Radio has not changed since these beginning years. The purpose is still to “show people their need for Christ.”