Tornado Relief

On Friday morning, March 2nd,  prior to the severe storms, lightning struck our FM tower causing the station to temporarily lose power, but Mountain Gospel was soon back on the air with little damage. This storm related incident paled in comparison to what would happen during the storm that evening. Though the storm curved around Mountain Gospel causing no further damage to the station, the tornadoes launched their assault on villages and towns within Mountain Gospel’s listening area. Our parent organization, the Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association, has churches scattered throughout the region.

The Burning Fork Church in Salyersville, pastored by Rev. Eddie Dennison, borders the Mountain Parkway. Motels, restaurants, and stores line the Parkway there. After the tornado swept through, not one of these businesses was left standing, but the Burning Fork Church remains! Praise God. Now, that church is serving as an aid station for displaced people. The church had relatively light damage compared to the surrounding loss.  Pastor Eddie Dennison and his people have served 1700 meals in the few days following the storm.
The Index Community Church is in the West Liberty community, but is separated from the town by a mountain. That mountain seemed to block the tornado from the church’s side of town. The tornado flattened West Liberty. The town is closed to gawkers. Lineman and emergency personnel are trying to restore order. Faced with such tragic loss, the Index Community Church is trying to help people. Pastor Mike Frisby has at least eight families in his church who have lost their homes in the West Liberty area.

Woodsbend Community Church had damage.  Pastor Bud Angus has lost neighbors.  Barns and livestock have been destroyed. Ten Kentucky Mountain Bible College students and about twenty from the Mount Carmel High School went to help Bud on Saturday. They cleared trees that had been downed by the tornado that swept above the Woodsbend Community Church and the parsonage. The buildings remain. The community is shaken.

Broken dreams, lost lives, and hurting people. Mountain Gospel is assessing how we can best help. Once utilities are restored, some of these areas will be reopened. We can send relief in the form of supplies and money to these areas.

Mountain Gospel is positioned to assist people through the auspices of our partnership churches in the areas and emergency relief groups. If you would like to help in the aid and recovery process, you can give online. All online donations to Mountain Gospel Radio will go directly to disaster relief in these areas. You may donate online here:

Cash gifts can be sent to Mountain Gospel Radio at 1036 Hwy 541, Jackson, KY 41339. Mark your check for “Tornado Relief.” Supplies can also be brought to the station directly to be distributed.We will see that your gift is used to feed and minister to needy, hurting people who have lost so much. We have the network in place to provide services through the churches that we partner with. We are helping, and we thank you for your help.