The Establishment of WMTC

Wilfred Fisher

WMTC Mountain Gospel Radio was founded in 1948 as part of the Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association, but how was WMTC established?  Whose idea was it to start a Christian radio station in the hills of Eastern Kentucky? This is the history of WMTC from the perspective of its founding manager Dr. Wilfred Fisher.

After graduating from Asbury seminary in 1939, Dr. Fisher and his wife Alice came to Kentucky Mountain Bible Institute where they were invited to come teach. One time while visiting family back in Oregon, Dr. Fisher was telling his Father-in-law Floyd Boyington about the Christian work being done in Eastern Kentucky. “I told him about Mt. Carmel High School and KMBI,” said Dr. Fisher, “and Floyd suggested that it would be nice to have a radio station.” He agreed that this would be good, but to Dr. Fisher the possibility of having a radio station in the association was “none at all” due to finances. He continued to tell Floyd about the Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association and all of the churches in the area.“When I was finished,” said Dr. Fisher, “He brought up the idea again of a radio station. He said that he had twenty thousand dollars to start it! This made the difference.” WMTC came from the idea of Floyd Boyington and the money that he donated to build it. In 1948 WMTC was established with Dr. Fisher as its first general manager.