Programs for WMTC

Now that WMTC was established, there were questions about what programs would be aired.
Will it all be religious? Dr. Fisher explained that it would all be Christian in character but not necessarily all Christian programs. For example, once a week groups from local schools would come to do a program with the kids on the air. The station became well known from this since the parents would listen to their children on the radio.

One program that has been on WMTC from the beginning is the Birthday Club started by Louis Bouck. This program is still being aired on weekdays at 10:00 AM and 7:30 PM. Dr. Fisher stated that Mr. Bouck was “a genius in front of the microphone.”

For other programs, pastors would come and bring their churches to do a service on the air. Other times students from KMBI would sing and testify for programs. The Church of the Air was what this was called. Dr. Fisher said that he really enjoyed preaching on the radio himself. Sometimes people would stay home to listen to WMTC instead of going to church. A time was worked out that was for people to be at their own churches. Dr. Fisher explained that they did not want to take people away from their own churches.

WMTC Mountain Gospel radio still provides uplifting Christian music and programing.