Tornado Relief

On Friday morning, March 2nd,  prior to the severe storms, lightning struck our FM tower causing the station to temporarily lose power, but Mountain Gospel was soon back on the air with little damage. This storm related incident paled in comparison to what would happen during the storm that evening. Though the storm curved around Mountain Gospel causing no further damage to the station, the tornadoes launched their assault on villages and towns within Mountain Gospel’s listening area. Our parent organization, the Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association, has churches scattered throughout the region.


Welcome to the brand new launch of Mountain Gospel streaming! Starting January 31st at 2:45 p.m., we launched our Mountain Gospel broadcast over the internet. We are excited to present Mountain Gospel Radio online for the first time in history! It’s been the product of months of labor backed by prayers from our listeners and the generosity of many sacrificial supporters. We praise God for this exciting new opportunity for ministry and blessing – around the world!

Merry Christmas from Mountain Gospel

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