“No One Else” Spring Sharathon!

We live where diversity and tolerance are the supreme ethic. People say there are many gods, or if there is only one God, there are many ways to Him; but in the midst of all of this, you have Jesus, who clearly states, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). He leaves no questions, no options, no second opinions. He is the only way. There is No One Else.PosterNoOneElse_smaller

That’s the theme of our Spring Sharathon. In a much greater way, No One Else is also the theme of our entire broadcast and ministry. Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, we proclaim Jesus. I’m glad that the message of Christ is one of salvation and forgiveness of sins. I’m glad that the message of Christ is one of purity of heart and perfect love, toward God and toward our fellow man. No One Else can do what He’s done for you!

While its true we live in a world of options, when it comes to Christian radio, the options are much more limited. In fact, for some of our listeners, we are the only Christian radio station they can receive. For many of our listeners, we are their only Southern Gospel station. For most of our listeners, we are the only station committed to the message of Scriptural holiness. For them, there is No One Else. Let me share with you just a couple stories we have received from listeners recently, with their names changed. Ann and her family are new listeners; they have been looking for a station that is safe for their kids to listen to and has quality programs just for children. They were unsuccessful and discouraged but then ran across Mountain Gospel. We were just what they were looking for! Sally has been a listener for years and her dial never changes. She lives alone and can’t get out much. Mountain Gospel provides the strength, encouragement and fellowship that she needs every day. I could tell you many more stories of real people that have had real needs met through this ministry. God continues to use Mountain Gospel in powerful ways to make a difference in our community and beyond.

From the very beginning, Mountain Gospel was founded with a vision for Eastern Kentucky and a faith in a great big God. And God is faithful! What some thought would be a passing phase has become an anchor in the communities we serve. Only God could have seen His plans for this ministry when it began, and I know that He has great things ahead. Over the years, God has answered prayer through individuals, people like you and me. He has raised up prayer warriors, workers in the field, and supporters who have provided the resources needed. I am once again asking you to stand with us, as God enables you, to be a financial partner with Mountain Gospel to continue the work of this ministry. We have recently looked at all the costs required to operate Mountain Gospel in every area and every aspect. When we figured it up and put it together, it comes to about $25 per hour. What that means is with your gift of $25, you keep us on the air for one entire hour. With your gift of $600, you keep the ministry going for an entire day. Please consider joining the support team underwriting an hour a month for the next six months with your pledge of $25 per month.

We need to raise $25,000 this Sharathon to cover our operational costs and keep Mountain Gospel moving forward. I’m not asking you to do what someone else can do. I’m asking you to do what you can do. God makes up the difference! Will you help us with your best gift?

Please join us in the festivities of Sharathon all week from Tuesday, May 2 through Friday, May 5 with special guests throughout the day, live singers from 7-9 each evening and an Ed Carpenter fish fry and concert featuring The Rochesters, the Gilberts, and the Common Bond Quartet on the Vancleve studio grounds Friday from 4-8pm. We’d love to see you! You can also listen on 99.9 FM in Breathitt and surrounding counties, 1470 AM in Powell and surrounding counties, online at www.mountaingospel.org, or from any cell phone via our apps or by calling 712-432-3223.

Local singing groups will be live in the studio nightly. These include:

Tue 7-8pm Anointed Hearts

Tue 8-9pm Heidi and Ryan

Wed 7-8pm Jason Smith

Wed 8-9pm Panbowl Full Gospel Church Singers

Thu 7-8pm Sweet Echoes

Thu 8-9pm Sunday Mountain Boys

Fri 4-5pm Rochesters

Fri 5-6pm Common Bond Quartet

Fri 6-7pm Rochesters

Fri 7-8pm Gilberts