“Glorious Freedom!” Sharathon

Our Fall Sharathon, “Glorious Freedom,” is happening October 8th-11th. Tune in during this week for some great special music and guest speakers. Groups will be singing live in the studio each night Tuesday through Thursday from 7:00PM-9:00PM with guests on the air throughout the day. Come join us at the Studio on Hwy. 541 on Friday October 11th for our Fall Cookout! Enjoy some chicken, chili, and grilled hot dogs with live music from 4:00PM-8:00PM as we raise support for the station. Our goal is $20,000, and we’ve been amazed at how you and God have helped us meet our goals in the past! Thank you for your support!

sharathon 2013

Also, what do you think about sending 200,000 Gospel tracts to Asia as part of our Fall Sharathon? As God enables us, we want to step beyond our coverage area and be a part of spreading the Gospel around the world! And we need your help. Every $1 that you give to Sharathon will enable us to send 10 tracts; if you give $100, that’s 1000 tracts. So when we reach our goal of $20,000 for the operation of Mountain Gospel, we’ll be using $1,000 of that to send 200,000 Gospel Tracts to Asia!