About Us

Mountain Gospel Radio is dedicated to presenting the message of holiness, to keep listeners informed on current issues from a Christian perspective, and to encourage and uplift the listener through music and programs that will bring glory and honor to God.

Mountain Gospel Radio is the largest locally owned and operated southern gospel station in Eastern Kentucky. Since our founding in 1948 on WMTC and 2015 on WBFC, we have been a faith based ministry supported by our listeners through charitable donations and advertising. The ministry has flourished through the Godly leadership of people, including, Lela G. McConnell, Wilfred Fisher, Eldon Neihof, Seldon Short, Jennifer Cox, and our current general manager Dan Lorimer. Through the years one thing has remained the same: Holiness is our passion.

With over 65 years of devoted service, Mountain Gospel Radio continues to deliver quality Christian programming for the whole family to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and now, through online streaming, the World.

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